Personal Essays:


The Beds We've Slept In (Turnpike Magazine, September 2019)

Eight Things Male Strangers Have Said To Me (Fearless She Wrote, September 2019)

Over Easy (P.S. I Love You, September 2019)

Sally Pennington, Compassion Personified (Written for the Brattleboro Area Compassion Committee, July 2018)

Roots Planted, Roots Found (The Cracker Barrel, Winter 2018)

Attacked by a fairy (The Cracker Barrel, Summer 2017)


          • If We Want Equality in Parenting, We Need to Give Advice to Dads Too (Apparently, September 2019

          • What Is It Like To Report On The Opioid Crisis in Rural America? (Medium, September 2019)

Piles and Piles of Shirts (P.S. I Love You, September 2019)

What Is the Secret Sauce of the Best Interviews? (The Startup, September 2019)

Me Proofing My Phone (The Startup, September 2019)

The Uplifting Act of Picturing Strangers Smiling (Mind Cafe, September 2019)


• That Marie (Short fiction. Sweet Tree Review Volume 3 Issue 3,  August 2018)


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