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behind-the-scenes writing
for small business owners, artists + professionals


I approach writing services and communication support through a storytelling lens, inspired by what I've learned through writing articles about small businesses, artists, and professionals. 


The story of your work: who you are, what you do, and why you do it, matters. 

Choosing words that reflect your story helps people know you, your magic, and your ethos.

When the words you use are imbued with your story, your work becomes personal.

Embracing your story helps you connect with the people you want to work with.

your story

Designers, chefs, boutique owners, artists, farmers: they each have their own story. It's present in how they decorate their stores, what services they provide, what food they grow, and what food they cook. It's a part of almost everything they do. But sometimes, it isn't represented in how they talk about their work in writing. Their verbal vibe, if you will. I want to change that. 

I want to help you tell your story by making sure its spirit is present in all of the words you put into the world. From web copy to emails, every message that relates to your work should come from one core place: the spark that drives what you do. 


I work with small businesses, artists, and independent professionalsEach new relationship begins with an interview. That's where I learn your story. Then we get to work making sure that story is peppered throughou your written communications. This includes: 

• Website copy

• Social media profiles

• Brochures and letters to prospective customers

• Newsletters and email updates to past clients

• Descriptions of services

• Menu descriptions

• Internal communications including email, training manuals, and signage

• Job listings

• Press releases

I offer writing services and communications support in two formats:

work structure

À la Carte:

• One project at a time

• Set deadlines + three rounds of revisions

• Great for if you need a thing or two here and there or if you have one particular writing project you want tackled

• Billed hourly

One-month retainer:

• Up to six writing-related projects at a time

• Set deadlines + unlimited revisions

• Great for if you have a lot of writing needs at once or if you want ongoing communications support

• Billed at the beginning of the month

For more information, I have an FAQ section here, or please reach out! I'm happy to talk. 

Let's see what story we can tell together.


To get in touch, email me directly at so we can set up a time to talk about how I can help.

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