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plans vs. reality

My plans for today:

• Go to work, be on top of things, leave early.

• Take Imogene to the children's museum, out to lunch, and to run some errands

• Get there via the most direct route

My reality today:

• Forgot something important at work; scrambled to get it done in time.

• Roadwork. Took a different (winding) route.

• Halfway there, Imogene got carsick (was it because of the winding route?).

• In the parking lot of a hotel (the closest parking lot I could find), I realize I don't have extra clothes for her. There's a jacket in the car, though. Her dress is removed, contained in the only plastic bag I have. The jacket is put on.

• I realize she needs a diaper.

• We go into the hotel. I ask the nice front desk lady where the bathroom is. She kindly tells me.

• No changing table. I put the hood on the jacket up and change the baby on the floor.

• Oh no. No, no, no.

• (Her diaper has exploded. Her pants are no longer wearable).

• We leave through a side exit of the hotel. She's wearing a jacket, a diaper, and bare legs.

• We go home.

• No museum.

• No lunch.

• No errands.

• Maybe tomorrow (no winding roads, though).


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