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Apple (cider donuts)

We had a great, Vermont-filled weekend. My brother and his girlfriend came up from Brooklyn, and we visited the Farmers’ Market on Saturday and then headed to the apple orchard. The apples actually weren’t quite ready to be picked, but we walked amidst the trees and fresh air and quiet for a while, and Imo got to see a horse (neigh!), so it was a success. Oh, plus: cider donuts. Yes.

Sunday we did some work while Imo napped, and then we headed to a BBQ place on a hill (picturesque, delicious, and there was pecan pie to boot). Then we ran some errands — Garret and Imo went to Walmart, while I went to the co-op to shop. I got two ingredients I’ve never cooked with before: water spinach and crab apples. I’m excited to experiment!

Today it’s back to work, which feels good. All summer I’ve been waiting for “fall, when things can get back to routine.” Of course, next week we’re off to vacation mid-week, because summer was too busy to fit one in! Routine will come someday — or not.


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