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Get this bow out of my hair, please and thank you.

Pictured above is that feeling when you realize, by looking at the self-facing camera your mother is making you smile into, that she snuck a bow in your hair while you weren't looking, and that matter must be addressed with expediency. 😂 We had a great weekend. Traveled around as little trio on Saturday, went to a rummage sale where I got two yoga pillows for $6 total , went shopping, had lunch. I finally thought to pack some chopped strawberries, peas, and tofu for Imogene, which made a huge difference being out and basically made me feel like a superhero with incredible planning skills. Oh, and Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:15. It was my day to get up with Imogene but she wasn't awake yet. Instead of laying there trying to convince myself to sleep while laying in fear of a waking baby, I got up, read the paper, and drank some coffee. Good grief - I felt like a damn millionaire. Who’d have known such simplicity could feel like a day at a spa?! This post is long! Read more here.

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