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April 17, 2017

  • Something I ate today: Coconut yogurt.

  • Something I did this weekend: Went to Latham for Easter

  • Something someone said to me: "Going for a walk with the dog, y'all want to join me?"

  • Something I’m aspiring to do: Have the biggest, bestest, most rad garden this side of the Atlantic.

  • I’m proud that: I'm getting a lot done this morning.

  • Today I feel: like I really want to be outside, all the time.

  • Today it is: Cool, partly sunny, but I'm sitting directly in the sun right now 😎

  • Something I delighted in: The sound of wind chimes and birds chirping

  • Something that challenged me: Fighting the desire to jump headfirst into one thing instead of spreading work out evenly over time/projects.

  • Pictured above: Easter basket for Imogene.

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