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February 9, 2017

  • Something I ate today: a salad with beets, arugula, parmesan, sprouts, peppers, and croutons (obviously croutons)

  • Something I did today: drove verrrrryyyy sloooowwwwwwwlllllyyyy in the snow.

  • Something someone said to me today: "I was worried about you" (Garret, re: me driving)

  • Something I’m aspiring to do: journal more.

  • I’m proud that: I finally put some ideas that have been swirling for a while down on paper

  • Today I feel: inspired to get healthier.

  • Today it is: snowing snowing snowing snowing snowing snowing snowing.

  • The living room floor is: covered in toys

  • In my mind I’m: witnessing a showdown between ambition and tiredness.

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