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December 7, 2016

One thing I did this morning: read a book while Imogene took a nap.

For lunch I: had a leftover hamburger that wasn't quite heated all th away through 😐

One thing I did after lunch: Sat with Imogene and figured out if we have a whole set of alphabet blocks (we do, with two extra A's, C's, and O's)

One thing I did this afternoon: Cleaned downstairs while listening to Gilmore Guys. One thing I did this evening: (Well, one thing I'm going to do to this evening, since it's afternoon now) -- go to a town meeting for the newspaper.

I loved seeing: Imogene by the Christmas tree.

I was challenged by: Listening to Imogene cry when she should have been taking a nap.

Today it: was revealed that Donald Trump is Time Magazine's person of the year 🙄

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