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Blog, blog, blog (blah, blah, blah).

I've tried many blogs in my day.

Back in 1908 when I was in seventh grade, I had some sort of a website that allowed me to create bulletpoints and put my text in Comic Sans font. To me, that level of control and exposure was as good as being a published author (world renown). On my website, I made lists of inside jokes that only my friends would understand. They did the same on their websites. If someone landed on a web of our websites, they could cross-reference our inside jokes and laugh for hours. To my knowledge, that never happened.

In college I had a Livejournal, where I wrote exhaustive explanations of Things That Happened. My best friend Randie also had a Livejournal, and I think the most amusing thing about either one was that I could read our slightly different takes on the same mundane events. Notably, one night our building lost power and we had to evacuate at 3am. We were corralled into an academic building and then told to find friends to stay with. We both struggled to narrativize the story in a way that our "readers" would find interesting. Neither of us ever hit an appropriate landing, even though we both "published" 800+ word accounts of the ordeal.

Since then I've made a series of Blogspot blogs. I think the only time I've had some readers was my blog "From Bricks to Sticks," which chronicled the first few months of mine and Garret's move from Brooklyn to Vermont. The reason this garnered readers, I think, is that it was about something. Most of my blogs have been about nothing (well, they've been about me, that nothing?).

Fast forward to now. I feel like I should have *something*. If I'm going to have a website with my name on it, and if I am decidedly A Writer, then I should have a place where I write, right? Right.

I am extremely longwinded -- in writing, or in conversation, particularly if I'm talking about something nerdy, have a captive audience (my husband -- and by captive I mean "being held captive"), and have had a beer or two. I want to battle that. Because who's ever going to read a longwinded blog? Not me, not you.

So I'm going to try something. For the most part, I'm going to do mini-posts. Little snippets about my days. One of my favorite pieces of art / sociological stuff is American Elf, which boiled life down to one panel, seemingly mundane but ultimately illuminating little blips. I want to embrace the same amount of brevity, because it's easier to consume, easier to commit to, and because I wonder if a collection of brief moments might ultimately paint a clearer picture of this time in my life than longwinded yada yada yada essays might.

So.... that's my intention. We'll see, my friends. We'll see.

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