September 11, 2017

We had a great, Vermont-filled weekend. My brother and his girlfriend came up from Brooklyn, and we visited the Farmers’ Market on Saturday and then headed to the apple orchard. The apples actually weren’t quite ready to be picked, but we walked amidst the trees and fresh air and quiet for a while, and Imo got to see a horse (neigh!), so it was a success. Oh, plus: cider donuts. Yes.

Sunday we did some work while Imo napped, and then we headed to a BBQ place on a hill (picturesque, delicious, and there was pecan pie to boot). Then we ran some errands — Garret and Imo went to Walmart, while I went to the co-op to shop. I got two ingredients I’ve never cooked with before: water spinach and crab apples. I’m excited to experiment.

Today it’s back to work, which feels good. All summer I’ve been waiting for “fall, when things can get back to routine.” Of course, next week we’re off to vacation mid-week, because summer was too busy to fit one in! Routine will come someday — or not. 

- L

May 1, 2017

Pictured above is that feeling when you realize, by looking at the self-facing camera your mother is making you smile into, that she snuck a bow in your hair while you weren't looking, and that matter must be addressed with expediency. 😂 

We had a great weekend. Traveled around as little trio on Saturday, went to a rummage sale where I got two yoga pillows for $6 total , went shopping, had lunch. I finally thought to pack some chopped strawberries, peas, and tofu for Imogene, which made a huge difference being out and basically made me feel like a superhero with incredible planning skills. 

Oh, and Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:15. It was my day to get up with Imogene but she wasn't awake yet. Instead of laying there trying to convince myself to sleep while laying in fear of a waking baby, I got up, read the paper, and drank some coffee. Good grief - I felt like a damn millionaire. Who’d have known such simplicity could feel like a day at a spa?! 

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April 17, 2017

  • Something I ate today: Coconut yogurt.

  • Something I did this weekend: Went to Latham for Easter 

  • Something someone said to me: "Going for a walk with the dog, y'all want to join me?" 

  • Something I’m aspiring to do: Have the biggest, bestest, most rad garden this side of the Atlantic. 

  • I’m proud that: I'm getting a lot done this morning.

  • Today I feel: like I really want to be outside, all the time.

  • Today it is: Cool, partly sunny, but I'm sitting directly in the sun right now 😎

  • Something I delighted in: The sound of wind chimes and birds chirping 

  • Something that challenged me: Fighting the desire to jump headfirst into one thing instead of spreading work out evenly over time/projects.  

  • Pictured above: Easter basket for Imogene. 

April 3, 2017

  • Something I ate today: A bagel with bacon scallion cream cheese (yes, please)

  • Something I did this weekend: Felt sunshine on my skin

  • Something someone said to me: "Looks like we got some snow" 

  • Something I’m aspiring to do: Get a lot of work done in a matter of 4 hours

  • I’m proud that: We pursued some peace and sunshine yesterday 

  • Today I feel: Determined 

  • Today it is: best that I stay off Twitter; there is a lot of weird energy swirling (president tweets, uncertainty, ugh)

  • Something I delighted in: A glass of water. 

  • Something that challenged me: Odd familial exchanges. 

  • Pictured above: The botanic gardens at Smith College. 

March 28, 2017

  • Something I ate today: Well, yesterday, because it's early. Pulled pork sandwiches on pretzel rolls.

  • Something I did today: Got up early with Imogene. It was still darkish outside -- blue.

  • Something someone said to me: Non-verbally, but, "Read me Hippos Go Berserk!"

  • Something I’m aspiring to do: Write a lot this afternoon

  • I’m proud that: I seized the morning and came downstairs to work when Garret woke up around 7:30.

  • Today I feel: Energized.

  • Today it is: Foggy.

  • Something I delighted in: A hot cup of vanilla coffee.

  • Something that challenged me: Waking up.

  • Pictured above: Imogene and I cooking together yesterday. I made her some oven roasted "fries".

February 25, 2017

  • Something I ate today: A disgusting sandwich! Don't mix: turkey, sharp cheddar, honey mustard dressing, sourdough bread (an anti-recipe!).

  • Something I did today: Read "micro fiction" curled up in a chair. 300 words or less per story!

  • Something someone said to me: "Mama"

  • Something I’m aspiring to do: Clean the living room/kitchen before bed 

  • I’m proud that: I am packed in advance for my trip tomorrow.

  • Today I feel: Awkward? For no good reason. I'm just an awkward person.

  • Today it is: WARM! 

  • Something I delighted in: Imogene's laughter, which was inspired by my having clownish trouble opening a banana peel.

  • Something that challenged me: Procrastination 

  • Pictured above: Imogene one year ago today (left) and yesterday (right)

February 22, 2017

  • Something I ate today: Buckwheat pancakes with almond butter mixed into the batter (Imogene's breakfast)

  • Something I did today: Sat in the sun and read.

  • Something someone said to me: "I look to you as an example"

  • Something I’m aspiring to do: Take a walk outside (it's going to be 50!)

  • I’m proud that: I took some time to read (not easy).

  • Today I feel: Ready.

  • Today it is: Springlike (a tease)

  • Something I delighted in: vanilla coffee; sunshine warmth

  • Something that challenged me: not getting enough sleep 😐

  • Pictured above: 1st birthday gift from Tommy & Chris for my strong-willed woman of a baby

February 21, 2017

  • Something I ate today: Irish soda bread (this is my favorite time of the year)

  • Something I did today: Went to Mothers Circle in Brattleboro 🙌🏻 It was therapeutic and wonderful.

  • Something someone said to me today: Mama

  • Something I’m aspiring to do: Read; journal.

  • I’m proud that: I gave myself some space I needed, today.

  • Today I feel: Creatively inspired; capable.

  • Today it is: February. Still February.

  • The living room floor is: covered in toys

  • In my mind I’m: Going to be a superhero, someday soon.

February 9, 2017

  • Something I ate today: a salad with beets, arugula, parmesan, sprouts, peppers, and croutons (obviously croutons)

  • Something I did today: drove verrrrryyyy sloooowwwwwwwlllllyyyy in the snow.

  • Something someone said to me today: "I was worried about you" (Garret, re: me driving)

  • Something I’m aspiring to do: journal more.

  • I’m proud that: I finally put some ideas that have been swirling for a while down on paper 

  • Today I feel: inspired to get healthier.

  • Today it is: snowing snowing snowing snowing snowing snowing snowing.

  • The living room floor is: covered in toys

  • In my mind I’m: witnessing a showdown between ambition and tiredness. 

January 10, 2017

  • Something I ate today: an egg sandwich, and coffee coffee coffee. 

  • Something I did today: cleaned out the fridge and got a new lease on culinary life because of it. Oh the room, oh the possibilities 

  • Something someone said to me today: "Hey! It's the girl from the paper!" 

  • Something I’m aspiring to do: make corn muffins for the baby, but I have to get buttermilk and for some reason that's proving to be a real block.

  • Today I feel: tired but curious. 

  • Today it is: COLD.

  • The living room floor is: covered in toys

  • In my mind I’m: thinking about a breakfast we had in ABQ with Evan and Crystal. There was coffee, coffee, coffee and wonderful delicious food. And them.

January 9, 2017

One thing I did this morning: Made breakfast for Imogene; tried to convince myself I'm not *that* tired.

For breakfast I: re-heated some frozen pizza 

One thing I did this weekend: Took Imogene to Friendly's, which was enjoyable mainly because I had zero worry that we were disturbing everyone there.

One thing I'll do this afternoon: Write a little bit for a lot of things.

One thing I did (or am going to do) this evening: Going to a school board meeting to report. 

Today I loved seeing: My cousin, who was here when we woke up 

I was challenged by: Being tired. 

Today it: is super, super, super cold outside. 

December 8, 2016

One thing I did this morning: Tried to read my baby food cookbooks, but Imogene was too interested in them and kept grabbing at them. Imogene hasn't been as interested in her purees lately, so I'm wondering if it's time to mix it up int terms of flavor and texture.

For lunch I: had a ham sandwich (at 10:30 am, after returning from the newspaper starving!)

One thing I did after lunch: Laid down with Imogene.

One thing I did this afternoon:Wrote some odd copy for a client.

One thing I did (or am going to do) this evening: This is the first night this week that I get to spend at home (I've had newspaper meetings all week) so I want to make the most of it! We're going to watch a Christmas special with Imogene and then make a nice dinner.

I loved seeing: Not too many editing marks on my articles for this week.

I was challenged by: Paying attention to work this afternoon.

Today it: snowed, and then was sunny, in a matter of minutes.

December 7, 2016

One thing I did this morning: read a book while Imogene took a nap.

For lunch I: had a leftover hamburger that wasn't quite heated all th away through 😐

One thing I did after lunch: Sat with Imogene and figured out if we have a whole set of alphabet blocks (we do, with two extra A's, C's, and O's)

One thing I did this afternoon: Cleaned downstairs while listening to Gilmore Guys.
One thing I did this evening: (Well, one thing I'm going to do to this evening, since it's afternoon now) -- go to a town meeting for the newspaper.

I loved seeing: Imogene by the Christmas tree.

I was challenged by: Listening to Imogene cry when she should have been taking a nap.

Today it: was revealed that Donald Trump is Time Magazine's person of the year 🙄

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